Now there is a big obstacle in going from India to Saudi Arabia, Immigration to Saudi Arabia closed! Those whose passport is ECR

Now there is a big obstacle in going from India to Saudi Arabia, Immigration to Saudi Arabia closed! Jiska ECR passport hai unko ye pareshani hogi

Another trouble has struck those traveling from India to Saudi Arabia! Immigration has stopped for people going from India to Saudi Arabia. People whose passport is ECR i.e. illiterate who have passport. They need immigration to go to Saudi Arabia but it has been more than 1 month that immigration going to Saudi Arabia is closed from India.

Due to which a lot of problems are being faced. There are many such people who have their visa stamping done and you must know that after the victory stamp, the time of 3 months remains on that visa stamp. Some people are afraid of the end of that time too!

At the same time, there is no hope of immigration opening for people going from India to Saudi Arabia. A lot of people are worried about whether their visa has been stamped. Don’t let it expire!

At the same time, the relations between India and Arab countries are also not looking properly regarding the remarks made on Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam in India. Due to which the fear has increased among the people that immigration may not be stopped for a long time, but let me tell you, this dispute is not the reason for stopping immigration! Rather, immigration is already closed because of this controversy!

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