Plans can be made to travel in cheap air tickets in these 5 countries of the world, UAE’s name also in the list

There are hardly some people who are not fond of traveling abroad. But most of the people of the world want to visit the country and abroad, but due to lack of money, many times they make plans and cancel them. Due to the Coronavirus that came in the year 2022, air flights in the world had to go through many restrictions for 2 years.

However, now that the outbreak of Coronavirus is not as frightening as before, the domestic and international old is once again back on track. In such a situation, we have brought some information for you, with the help of which you can travel abroad in less time.

The most important thing to go abroad is the flight ticket, in such a situation, if flight tickets are available for you in less money, then it will also be budget friendly for you. In such a situation, through this article, we will tell you about the 5 countries where you can book cheap flights.

Let’s know more about 5 countries where flight tickets are very cheap


Bangladesh, which was an integral part of India after independence, was separated from India after some time. In such a situation, now it is an independent country and to travel from Delhi to its capital, you will have to pay only 6600 for the air ticket. Let us tell you that there are tickets for many cities of India expensive from here.

On visiting Bangladesh, you can visit the Ehsan Manzil Museum there. You can also see the palace of the Nawabs of Dhaka. Apart from this, there are many other things worth seeing there.

2, Vietnam

To go to Vietnam, any Indian citizen will have to pay only 10028 rupees for taking a flight from Delhi. Vietnam will attract people who are fond of tourism. There you can see the tunnels of the war era. Apart from this, there are many scenic places in Vietnam where you can enjoy tourism.

3. Singapore

Apart from Indian people, Singapore is a favorite place for people from other countries of the world to visit. If we talk about the price of air tickets from here to Delhi, then to travel by air from Delhi, you will have to pay only Rs 10,388. You can see Sentosa Island in Singapore. Apart from this, there are things to see there which you can enjoy.

4. Sri Lanka

Surrounded by the sea, Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country located in the south of India. To travel here from the capital of India i.e. Delhi, you will have to spend 10231 rupees for the ticket. Indian tourists in Sri Lanka can visit the National Park Safari. The Golden Temple and Dambulla Royal Cave are also worth visiting here.

5. United Arab Emirates

If we talk about the United Arab Emirates in terms of tourism, then tourists from different countries of the world come to visit here.

If we talk about the price of air tickets from India to this country, then for this the passenger will have to pay Rs 11,026. Here tourists can enjoy Burj Khalifa, Future Museum and many other attractive things.

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